Where families move up and out of poverty.
About Us

Project Hope is a multi-service agency at the forefront of efforts in Boston to move families up and out of poverty. It provides low-income women with children access to education, jobs, housing, and emergency services; fosters their personal transformation; and works for broader systems change.


Most of the women we serve are unable to meet their family’s basic needs, have experienced homelessness or are currently homeless and lack the education and skills necessary to achieve financial independence.  Yet, while these women face many challenges, including doubts about their and their children’s future and ability to improve it, the women at Project Hope are - or have the potential to be - women of exceptional strength. Project Hope’s core - and unique - competency is to ensure that potential is realized. 


Project Hope’s vision is rooted in the concept of transformation, the process through which women gain the tools, self–esteem and confidence necessary to take control of their lives and develop the courage to seek a better future for their children, despite the enormous challenges they face. 


These mothers have a unique opportunity to break the cycle of homelessness and poverty, serving as role models of self confidence, empowerment, and accomplishment to their children.  In addition, the sense of social responsibility that accompanies transformation leads many women to become powerful catalysts for community change.  They proactively support one another, participate in our Speakers Bureau to ensure the voice of those who experience homelessness and poverty are heard in the public arena and advocate for just public policies which strengthen families. Project Hope’s integrated, holistic approach is often cited and, with our continued success, we hope to serve as a national model for helping families move up and out of poverty.