Adult Educational Services (AES)

In 1990, Project Hope established the Adult Educational Services program to meet the basic educational needs of homeless and low-income women. AES is for women 18 years of age and older. Offerings include Adult Basic Education (ABE) and English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL). It combines intensive academics with creative programming to foster each woman's empowerment and self-development as a launch pad to earning their High School Equivalency.

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For more information, please contact Donna at 617-442-1880 x239

Family Child Care Business Enterprise (FCCBE)

In 1998 Project Hope launched the Family Child Care Business Enterprise, an innovative venture that supports quality home-based childcare center providers. Licensed providers are assisted with their professional development and business success. Women gifted in caring for children gain the skills and support to run their own businesses. FCCBE Providers are licensed with the Department of Early Education and Care. College level child development courses and a range of educational and professional development opportunities are offered on an ongoing basis.

For more information on joining our network as a provider or to enroll your child in our program contact Janet Iraola at 617-442-1880 x224.

Family Shelter

Founded in the early 1980s, Project Hope addressed the emerging problem of family homelessness in the Dorchester and Roxbury neighborhoods. The Family Shelter was one of the first homeless shelters for families in the state and remains a model for its respectful and empowering approach.

Today the Family Shelter offers a haven for 11 single mothers and their children. Each family has a private room and access to a communal kitchen, dining room, living room and children's activity room. They receive assistance to find safe and affordable housing for their families and access to educational and workforce development programs. Our programming is designed to promote confidence and empowerment, helping women find the courage to prevail against tremendous odds to obtain a better life.

If you need more information about how to access emergency shelter in Massachusetts call the Washington Street branch of the Department of Housing & Community Development DHCD at 617-989-6100.

Housing Services

The original mission of Project Hope's Housing Services was to find affordable housing for families living in the Shelter. While continuing that service today, we also focus on helping Dorchester and Roxbury families find and keep affordable housing. A team of staff provides housing counseling, eviction prevention, landlord negotiation, housing search assistance, budgeting advice and emergency rental funds.

For specific questions on our housing services, please contact Natasha Wright, the Director of Housing, at 617-442-1880 x229.

Ambassadors Bureau

The Ambassadors Bureau (formerly Speakers Bureau) is comprised of present and former participants who want to develop their communication skills and use those skills to educate the community about issues of poverty and homelessness. These women, our Ambassadors, attend ongoing communication workshops and are ready to share their stories publicly, relating how Project Hope programs helped them attain their educational, career and financial goals.

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For more information, please contact Njiba at 617-442-1880 x202.

Workforce Development & Employer Partnerships (WDEP)

WDEP was founded to assist low-income residents of Boston, particularly single mothers from the Roxbury and Dorchester neighborhoods. Without adequate training and an accessible path to employers, living wage jobs were out of reach. WDEP provides the link between community residents and work supporting them with, job readiness training, access to career ladder job opportunities and ongoing case management support for a full year after job placement

WDEP offers a variety of job training and readiness tracks depending on the participant's varying skill levels. This continuum is WDEP's distinct edge and ensures all participants receive the training they need to be successful.

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For more information, please contact Amy at 617-442-1880 x234.

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